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conservatories A new conservatory will certainly change the way you live. Because all of our conservatories are built to the same levels of heat retention and energy efficiency as our doors and windows, they provide additional living space that can be used throughout the year, in all seasons and all weathers. No matter the size or shape of your conservatory, you'll find yourself making the most of this brand new room – whether you use it for entertaining, relaxing, working or everyday living. And the additional space will expand your property without the cost, fuss or mess caused by a traditional extension. Bespoke, versatile design Because our conservatories are made to measure and bespoke to your home, they are supremely versatile in terms of the way you can use them. From a pool house to a home office, your new conservatory will redefine the way you live. When you enquire about a new conservatory from Windowcraft we will arrange a visit and we will conduct a survey of the site and discuss with you all your aspirations and requirements. Is your new conservatory going to be an extension to your existing living space or a peaceful sanctuary set apart from the rest of the house? What sort of access would you require to your garden or outdoor space? Tailored to suit your needs Every one of our customers has a different set of requirements, and happily we're able to cater for them all, tailoring the style and design of your conservatory to your exact tastes and needs, and providing the complete range of colours, architectural styles, detailing and finish. Whether you're looking for a contemporary style with clean, elegant lines or a classic, decorative finish, we will discuss your requirements and ensure we provide a stunning conservatory that will give years of pleasure and add real value to your home. Victorian Conservatory The Victorians knew a good deal about design aesthetics and classic architecture, and grand Victorian structures are now some of the UK’s most treasured buildings. So it’s no wonder that Victorian styling is still hugely popular today – and it seems as though the vintage look will never go out of fashion. It was the Victorians who made domestic conservatories popular, following the construction of more grand designs like the Great Conservatory at Chatsworth House and the enormous Crystal Palace, built for the Great Exhibition in London in 1851. In those days, household conservatories were made of wrought iron or steel and were relatively expensive to construct. Nowadays, thanks to modern engineering and materials, the installation of a Victorian conservatory has never been simpler. Elegant lines and distinctive features The elegant lines and distinctive features of a Victorian conservatory are a great enhancement to any home, but are particularly popular with heritage properties. Our Victorian conservatories are made to measure and bespoke to each individual installation. As with our windows and doors, our Victorian conservatories come in the full range of colours and finishes, and you can add as much or as little detailing as you like. So whether you’re looking for a large-scale “crystal palace” or an intimate and elegant dining space, our range of Victorian conservatories allows you to make the perfect addition to your home. Edwardian Conservatory The Edwardians adopted a different approach to their building design. Edwardian architects tended to combine bold, symmetrical outlines with decorative finials, crestings and finishes, borrowing details from a number of historical periods.
Windowcraft's range of Edwardian conservatories takes in this adventurous style and uses 21st Century engineering to make it accessible to all. Our Edwardian conservatories make a prestigious addition to any home, new or old, giving your property a timeless elegance and adding a thoroughly desirable extra living space. Versatile and adaptable Our Edwardian conservatories are as versatile and adaptable as the rest of our range. If you think one of our Edwardian conservatories would suit your home, we can arrange for us to visit your property, and give you clear, honest advice on the best options for you. And there are plenty of options. Not only do you choose the size and layout of your new Edwardian conservatory, but you decide which colour and finish would best suit your home and pick every final detail you require, from the type of glazing to the decorative flourishes and features. The Edwardian conservatory offers elegant living space combined with a timeless appearance that complements properties old and new. Whatever you will be using this space for – be it work, rest or play – it will be a prestigious and desirable addition to your home. Gable Conservatory Gable conservatories are similar in appearance to Edwardian conservatories, the difference being that the front panel of the roof is set at a vertical rather than sloping in to the centre, creating a real sense inside of height and volume. The gabled roof can be set at a pitch that will be best suited to the location, and lends the interior an elegant and spacious feel. A gable-fronted conservatory is ideal for a smaller plot or a period home, as the simple rectangular design and pitched roof offers the maximum living space in even the smallest area. Classic grandeur From the outside, a gabled conservatory has an appearance of classic grandeur and is a prestigious extension to your home, enhancing your living space and adding significantly in terms of both aesthetics and real value. The conservatory is perfectly adaptable too. Whether you’re looking to create an extra living space that gives another dimension to your home, or a quiet sanctuary in which to work or relax, a gable conservatory is the perfect option in all seasons. Like the rest of our conservatory range, Windowcraft's gable conservatories can be supplied in the complete range of colours, finishes and detailing. Every conservatory is unique, tailored to suit your home, your style and your lifestyle. Just get in touch with us and we can arrange a visit to your home and discuss your requirements in detail. Lean To Conservatory Lean-to conservatories are built to a traditional design and are simplicity itself to install. Reminiscent of a Mediterranean sunroom, a lean-to conservatory is the ideal solution for properties that have less space or height in which to extend the home. The pitch of a lean-to conservatory’s roof can be adjusted to suit the available space, making it fully adaptable and suitable for smaller homes as well as more extensive properties. As with all Windowcraft conservatories, your lean- to will be tailor-made to fit the space and complement your home beautifully, making the optimum use of all available space. Cost effective Because of their versatility, and the fact that they can be applied in the smallest of spaces, our lean-to conservatories are the most cost-effective of all our conservatory range. The lean-to design means that one wall is already constructed – so installation and maintenance costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Like the rest of our conservatory range, these lean-to conservatories can be supplied in the complete range of colours and styling. All the details are your choice – right down to the finishing touches. Every conservatory is unique, tailored to suit your home, your style and your lifestyle.